VA / Usiende Ukalale - Don't Sleep : Omutibo From Rural Kenya


・A/B/Cvr:【New / 新品】

・Us Mississippi

・東アフリカのポピュラーミュージック黎明期にケニアのギタリスト GEORGE MUKABI が大成したアコースティックギターのフィンガーピッキング奏法の血脈を、今に受け継ぐアーティスト達の好オムニバスが入荷!!"Omutibo", a uniquely Kenyan style of acoustic guitar music, was invented by George Mukabi in the late 1950s, and quickly adapted by his neighbors in a region that proved truly fertile for guitarists. In 2016, Cyrus Moussavi (Raw Music International) set out along the banks of the River Yala to document the songs of the old days. Recorded on location in homes and yards, these are the songs and stories of a golden era Kenya on the brink of Independence, beautifully resurrected by the songwriters themselves, over 50 years later. Featuring performances by Johnstone Ouko Mukabi, Shem Tupe (Tube), Fanuel Amimo, Jimmy Bongo, Sukuma Bin Ongaro, Peter Akwabi, Zachariah Omufumbwa, and more. 収録アーチスト達の参考音源です

・型番 :【 VA / Don't Sleep -OMUTIBO from Rural Kenya- 】

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