Hi,Foreign Customers.

First,Please mail to me the list you want buy.

and I will mail to you after check my stock.

My Paypal Account is info@bamboo-music.net

shipping cost is below.i send EMS only.not use SAL.i wanna avoid any troubles.please understand.

if you add 1LP,please add jpy600(per 1LP).


Asia 1lp-2200jpy 2lp-2400jpy 3lp-3000jpy

Us,N-America 1lp-2400jpy 2lp-3000jpy 3lp-3600jpy

Eu 1lp-2800jpy 2lp-3400jpy 3lp-4000jpy

Africa,S-America 1lp-3300jpy 2lp-3900jpy 3lp-4400jpy

we can't receive discount offer,sorry.